Dropshipping Travel Luggage – Wholesale Suppliers of Closeouts and Surplus Merchandise

Travel luggage, travel backpacks, carry-ons, garment bags, shoulder bags, duffels and many other travel related container are products that could give business to anyone whose interest is in selling.Specific items and mixed variety loads of travel items are available from major department stores. Excess merchandise and customer returns are the major items sold by particular travel luggage suppliers. A major department store in the US supplies pallets and truckloads of quality closeouts and surplus travel merchandise. This supplier stocks hundreds of truckloads of travel luggage and travel related merchandise for its clientele.Businessmen and other clients would want to know some terminologies that would help them understand what they are dealing with. Closeouts (also liquidation) are excess from a previous season’s production. These are generally considered the result of changes in fabric, design, color or missed deliveries. They are first quality merchandise from name-brand companies who are forced to sell these excess inventories.Surplus is any equipment, merchandise, or inventory that still possesses value but can no longer be sold whether wholesale, retail, or regular price. It is caused by discontinuations, overstock, closeouts, or overruns. Overrun (also overstock) are the result of order not in accordance with the amount of material needed. They are first quality merchandise.Surplus, overrun, or closeout merchandise products are really new. Even if some of the merchandise may be slightly imperfect, clients usually double or triple their money. Clients who continue to purchase these products on regular basis will find that there is really business in surplus, overruns, or closeout luggage travel and travel-related merchandise.Retailers, auctioneers, wholesalers, exporters, swappers and many other big companies purchase closeout merchandise at substantial discounts. Items are of first quality yet discounts sometimes reach up to eighty percent. This discount is passed to the consumer or business retailers for added savings.A discounted rate of up to sixty percent is charged by the freight carriers who handle the shipment of pallets and truckloads of travel luggage merchandise. The supplier coordinates the transactions but the customer pays direct to the freight companies. Generally these big suppliers have many shipping points around the world.