Backpackers Transport – How to Get Around Australia

Since Australia has a developed tourist trail for the thousands of backpackers each year that visit the land down under, making an ideal backpacking experience and exploring the outback is really easy. With a multitude of transport options including trains, planes and automobiles getting around and backpacking in Australia is easy. Knowing which method you use will depend on your budget and your time frame. Read more about getting around and backpacking down under.Travelling by CarIf you are going to be in Australia longer than 3 months then it might be well worth purchasing a car to drive. Due to the large amount of travellers it is pretty easy to pick a car that is being sold off cheaply by another backpacker who wants a quick sale. But remember, Australia is a big country and these cars will have done the rounds and clocked up some mileage. Make sure you check how much the repairs will cost before you buy. Most travellers start and end in Sydney, here is where you will find the most cars and usually the cheaper deals.If you aren’t there a long time but appreciate the freedom a car provides you could always hire one. Car hire is a great alternative and most companies allow one way car hire between cities which means you don’t have to return to the same destination.Travelling by PlaneThough some hardcore backpackers think flying is cheating, if you are limited by time then flying from side of the country to another is well worth it. You can usually book a cheap internal flight with Virgin Blue or Jetstar in advance. Did you know it takes 5 hours to fly from Sydney to Perth? If you were to drive this distance it would take two days and that is without stopping.Tour BusesThere are many bus services that run between cities and across the country. Greyhound is one company that offers routes to most touristic destinations. They are usually cheap and reliable but they don’t offer much flexibility and comfort compared to having your own car. Long journeys also seem to take longer because buses don’t drive as fast, but at least you can sit back and rest. Most buses tend to get booked up quickly so you ought to book in advance to ensure you get a seat.Hitchhiking and Lift SharingIf you are looking for a cheap ride then hitchhiking is always an option. It can be a great way to travel giving you a sense of adventure and freedom. It is also a great way to meet people and learn about Australia, and the best thing is it is normally free. However it is not for everyone and you ought to be careful who you share lifts with, never get inside a car with anyone you feel uncomfortable with. If you plan on hitching a lift, it would be a better idea to travel with other backpackers and share the costs. This way is probably safer than thumbing down a lift from a passing car. You can find other travellers looking for people to travel with to share costs of fuel on a large number of notice boards found in the hostels around the country.Whatever your travel budget and whatever your time-frame you will find a suitable method of transport that best suits you. Backpacking in Australia is a great way to see the country and travelling around is easy. This is one reason why Australia is an ideal location for all types of backpackers.